Weekend Retreat (non residential)
Presented by Arnaud Maitland

Kum Nye UK are pleased to announce a Non-Residential Kum Nye Retreat May 26th-28th 2017
Cost £125 (to include light lunch Sat/Sun)

Friday 6pm - 8pm Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday 10am - 2pm

At Storridge Village Hall WR13 5HF

An opportunity to explore new dimensions of meditation through Kum Nye based on Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche's book “Dimensions of Mind”. This will be led by Arnaud Maitland, He is a senior student of Tarthang Tulku and has been with him since 1976. He is an international lecturer, retreat leader, Nyingma teacher, meditation instructor and Skillful Means Consultant

If you are interested in attending please email Angela:

For details of where to stay visit: or AirBnB

Storridge Village Hall is situated at the junction of the Cowley Road (B4219) and A4103 (Hereford/Worcester)

Here’s a
flyer with details - can you help out by distributing a few?