There’s no doubt Kum Nye is beneficial. Do you have a wish to take your Kum Nye practice to the next level? Do you want to share it?

Here at Kum Nye UK we’d like to help make that happen. We’ve had some tentative enquiries and some interested people but we need some more interest to ensure it’s viable.

We don’t just have permission now from our own teacher but we have positive encouragement to make this work. There are teacher training programs in Holland and in Germany, and we want to know if that’s something that might be useful here in the UK.

So, if you have a love for Kum Nye, are prepared to practice and commit to involving yourself in a training group, why not get in touch? We envisage this training to be as much about deepening your own practice as it is about sharing it effectively with others.

We’re currently working on ideas for what format the training will take, and preparing a syllabus and structure to the training. But it’s likely to involve meetings every two to three months - probably on a weekend day, as well as some full weekends. Ideally you should be getting familiar with the books, audio commentaries and be enrolled on the eKum Nye course.

If there’s enough interest we will go ahead and firm up the plans - so do let us know if that’s something you’ll be interested in.
Contact us via messenger on the
Facebook page or email Jonathan or Bram.
Jonathan Clewley
Bram Williams