"In learning to relax we discover a whole new way of being" Tarthang Tulku

Who are we?

Angela Bushaway is passionate about health and wellbeing. She is a professional acupuncturist and shiatsu practitioner where her particular interest is in helping and supporting women.

Practicing Kum Nye for many years including retreats in Europe and the United States, Angela co-teaches workshop days with Roger in Malvern. She is currently immersed in weekly studies on the Lotus Trilogy with Dharma College in Berkley.


Bram Williams is an experienced yoga teacher and teacher trainer. His first love, however, is Kum Nye.

Having trained in many styles and forms of yoga over more than 20 years, Bram’s teaching approach is flexible and adaptable to the needs of a particular group (or individual). The emphasis of his teaching vocabulary stresses both breath release and attention on relaxation in movement so awareness is directed to the 'sensation' of the posture, rather than on a body aesthetic or idealised end result. Bram is currently teaching on Nyingma Netherlands Caring for Yourself course.

Bram is also a qualified Lip-Reading Tutor. 


Jonathan Clewley was first introduced to Kum Nye as “Tibetan Healing Exercises” taught by Maarten Vermaase, over 25 years ago in London. He went on to practise and study with Arnaud Maitland in Europe and the USA, and eventually became an authorised teacher of Kum Nye.

Influences include his professional background as a clinical scientist, and interests in Tibetan Buddhism and Daoism.

He lives in Pershore, Worcestershire.


Mary at Khecheodpalri Lake
Mary Heneghan is an acupuncturist and Kum Nye teacher and long term student of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, whose books she also writes up and publishes as a Director of Bodhicharya Publications.
Mary teaches Kum Nye in Wolvercote in Oxfordshire, and online.



Paula Trafford is a highly qualified Holistic Wellness Practitioner with over 30 years experience,Paula co-hosts the wellbeing company Big Calmer with her partner, Craig. She creates content to help people de-stress and to fell safe and free to live empowered thriving lives. In addition to running her own private classes and 1 to 1 sessions, she’s  also delighted to teach Kum Nye yoga and Kum Nye massage.

Paula has travelled extensively as a young English and British swimming champion. She poses a wealth of knowledge and experience of training for sport at a very high level and shares a refreshing holistic approach. Her mission is to 'Relax everybody using energy healing tools that help you., your kids and the planet thrive, grow and excel."


Roger Minife has been a Dharma practitioner and Kum Nye enthusiast for over 20 years.

He has a keen interest in learning – particularly about the elements and how they act on us, in us and around us. A deep thinker, Roger favours nurturing knowing by resting in fundamental openness and the awareness practices detailed in his favourite text: The Joy of Being.

A keen and knowledgeable gardener he teaches workshops in Malvern with Angela.

Simon Cook has done various courses and retreats, including teacher-training and the 1986/87 Nine Month Kum Nye Programme at the Nyingma Institute in California.

He’s benefited enormously from doing Kum Nye and is really happy to have the opportunity to share it with other people.

Simon lives in Stratford-on-Avon