Opening, flowing, and embodying employs stillness and movement as a natural occurrence/as it “is-ness”.
Sitting in the 7 gestures is said to be the most open gesture one can engage with
When travelling long distances - for example from England to Calfornia, one needs to come back to earth and be grounded again, so in order to facilitate this we practice book 1 floor exercises (e.g.Co-ordinating Body and Mind). This year the people who attended the retreat in Germany came back to earth by performing a Kum Nye dance series of gestures. This was very new, and no one had ever experienced this activity before, perhaps this is another learning we can embrace.
Kum Nye dancing includes book one ideas Joy of Being, and the essence of Kum Nye dancing itself which is a pure expression of energy taking on the character of what it is (e.g. can I be responsible for my own freedom?) This indeed is openness to the Nth degree. The deeper this goes the more profound it get, it just needs practice!
The latest addition to the Kum Nye menu is meditation where the main ingredient is stillness, alertness, readiness and not knowing. The essence of alertness is sensitivity, readiness is ready to move and not knowing is something fresh is about emerge from the unborn.

Roger Minifie